Aquamarine talisman stone for Libra zodiac sign

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Ideal for all Libra zodiac sign is Aquamarine gemstone. Born from September 24 to October  23. Each gem belongs to a particular zodiac sign. Wearing a stone that not fits you can have a bad influence on your destiny.

Aquamarine (noble beryl) - a kind of transparent beryl. Named from "aquamarine" Latin means "sea water." The color of aquamarine is very similar to the color of the sea wave. Though there aquamarine gems can have other colors - green, blue, yellow, gold, until pink. And the color can become brighter in the evening or under artificial light. Or may vary depending of viewing angle (which is very important when cutting gems), buy gemstone beads.

buy gemstone beads Some aquamarines are subjected to thermal treatment to make them more beautiful (or even completely change the color). Moreover, aquamarines can sometimes lose their color because of prolonged exposure under sunny light (color stability can give heat treatment - by heating aquamarine to 500 degrees).
There aquamarines that have transitory color - for example, with a yellow center, blue edges or blue in center and green around the edges. In Brazil are harvested unusual aquamarines that have blue-sapphire colors named Maksiks aquamarine (Maksiks - the name of the mine). Sometimes are encountered in aquamarines some inclusions named "snow signs" or also called "chrysanthemum." Aquamarine often can be confused with blue topaz or synthetic quartz.

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In nature, aquamarines can achieve very large sizes. The record size belongs to Brazilian stone, weighing just over 110 pounds, with length - 48.5 cm. A part of this aquamarine is stored at the New York museum, the rest were cut into individual stones. In the Kremlin Armory kept the scepter of the Polish king Stanislaw, length of 30 cm, which was faceted from a single aquamarine. Aquamarine price increases depending on color saturation of the stone.


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Aquamarine talisman stone for Libra zodiac sign

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This article was published on 2013/03/23