Art and Science of Astrology

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Astrology requires a fair amount of faith. Just because something cannot be proved doesn't mean it has no substance. Many astrology systems have independently developed over the world. Some show striking similarity. Thus there might be something concrete in them.

Traditions and cultures give their own hues to astrology systems world over. An astrology report shows a predicted future using approximate language. It is an indication and not an exact prediction of what will happen. Many smart people who are not really astrologers can simply read your personality with a little interaction and consult you on all topics like a psychiatrist might, but you will feel that the person can really read your palm and tell your future.

Astrology is more of an art than a science although there is a lot of theoretical knowledge in astrology. Primarily it deals with the planetary movements and the mythologies of the planets. In many civilizations the Greek and the Indian, you will find the planets have emotions and personalities. The characteristics, personalities and current conditions are dictated by the planetary positions and this is what the astrology reports show.Obviously because science cannot measure astrological predictions in a lab it labels it as superstitious mumbo jumbo. While that may be true, millions of people swear by it. The fans of astrology come from diverse backgrounds, rich and poor, of various ethnicities and religions. Astrology is different from astronomy but both have many common elements. Astrology reports are about prediction based on planetary movements – a soft science whereas Astronomy is a perfect science of studying planets and outer space using the classical sciences such as Physics and Mathematics.

The origin of the term comes from Latin & Greek. In Latin Astrologia and in Greek Astron. Both words refer to Star. Logy means to study. Astrology and astronomical constellation shapes are related. The shapes that stars make in the sky are held to be significant in astrology. As if they were divine messages.  Some might call it faith, some might say it is the placebo effect, some might call it faith healing but sometimes when all else fails, people turn to astrologers and pray and they get back to health.

Astrology Reports should not be regarded very strictly though. Nobody can see the future. But as much as you have faith you can take the word of astrologers and astrology reports as a sort of guide and counselor. Maybe it will help you through the placebo effect. If so many people have benefitted from astrology consultations maybe you will too. There is no harm in trying. It is not like you are going to be taking some very expensive medications that doctors of the so called "perfect sciences" give you and yet your illness only keeps getting worse. If there is a divine God then there must be divine communication also. People have relied on Astrology reports for millennia. With current technology advances, many chinks have been removed and it is a more accurate art/science now.

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Art and Science of Astrology

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This article was published on 2011/01/04