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Astrology is the combination of believes, system and traditions which can provide the future information about the human personality, earthly matter and human relationship. The person who practices this astrology is called astrologer. Most of the astrologers believe that the nature and natural things has influence on the human body and behavior. They think that the nature has direct or indirect influence on human.

If you want to know it more commonly, you should consider it as symbolic language or it is an art form or it is the form of divination. It has so many definitions. Different astrologer has given different kinds of definitions, but all the astrologer believe in one thing that it can explain present, past and future.

Astrology is considered totally wrong by the scientific community. The scientific community called it superstitions, but the community of psychology explains it positively. Some people say that astrology has relationship with science.

Astrology has a great history. From the ancient time the people of the world have been practicing this thing. Before 3000 B.C, people practiced it, which is recorded. It plays an important role to shape of the culture of the world. Astrology has relationship with astronomy, the Vedas and various kinds of historical incidents.

A Few centuries ago astrology and astronomy was considered the same thing. After the 18th century, when renaissance begun, astrology became separated from astronomy. Still now the astrologer depends on astronomy to analyze astrology. Some astrologers still think that astrology is the part of astronomy.

The word astrology has emerged from the Latin term astrologia (astronomy). It has derived from the Greek word astron (star) and logia means study. So study of the star is called astrology. From the history of the astrology we can easily understand that it has relationship with astronomy.

Most of the astrological things are based on the movement of the stars and planet. The planets are signed by some symbols. The astrology also shows geometrical and angular relationship between various types of planets and events. From this matter they define all kinds of human nature and incidents.

According to the western tradition, predictive astrology explains two methods one is astrological transits and another one is astrological progressions. In the astrological transits method the movement of the planets are explained. In the astrological progression method the horoscope is progressed according to the set method.

In the past astrologer only observed the heavenly bodies and their movement, but at present people of the world has progressed a lot in this sector. Though there is a great controversy about astrology, some people still believe it and try to follow the rules of the astrology. So it depends on a person how he will take this thing.

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Astrology System

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This article was published on 2010/12/11
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