Benefits of Astrology and how Astrology was discovered

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Why the world is finally coming in grips with the universe of Spirituality and mysticism? Everywhere you look in United States, around the world, especially India; you see the surge of yoga, spirituality, mystical science like Pranic Healing and astrology becoming an every day habit? Is it due to the golden age predicted by the Mayan, which is to plague upon us on December 12th 2012, or is the natural process of the Universe is finally taking man from being a child to ‘star child’? We can ask many questions in the dimension of soul and spiritual healing, but the fact is there are things in this world which are far beyond the thinking capacity of man; nevertheless, man has used such things for its benefit even though the true ‘scientific’ method has not been explained. Let take astrology for instance.

Astrology has been around on our planet for over 25,000 years, yes, 25,000 years. Many scholars would disagree with this or simple laugh at this; because astrology was originated in India 5,000 years ago by Maha Rishi Parashra according to Hindus. Every single Vedic astrologer will tell you who discovered astrology, but none can provide detail on who was Maha Rishi Parashra? And what are the origins of his text Sastra Hora: the sacred words of Astrology. There are many articles and news on his background, and how he was the grandson of Vasishta the great scholar, and Jamini. These facts may be right, but still we do not know how exactly he came up with the theory of planets, stars, houses and Zodiac sings showing us our future. You have to remember one fact about Hindus’ look on Astro-theology and the time the texts were written. Back 5,000 years ago around the world when an event occurred, the historians and writers didn’t document the accounts of the event word for word; in-fact many cultures back in the days didn’t even have written language. Place like Egypt, Chile, and Mexico which were the breeding grounds for some of the most mystical and highly sophisticated civilization like Mayan, Aztecs and Egyptians; used only symbols and hydrophilic and songs to describe their current events. In India, too, these historians wrote poems, songs and religious stories to describe the evens that were happening.

It is hard to understand why? Why couldn’t they just write ‘this happened on this date’? But since the answer itself is blurry, we need to talk about what happened 5-25 thousand years ago. At one point on our planet, beings from other worlds came down and made the apes into humans to mine gold for their mysterious purposes, but in exchange of their services, not only did these aliens (Anunnaki) gave birth to us humans, they also taught us the stories of the stars; and the science to predict events, and future from studying the stars. Maha Rishi Parashara might have been one of those lucky ones to gain such knowledge but may not have been the forefather of astrology. No Indian, Hindu and especially Vedic Astrology will buy this fact, because frankly people live in the box of academic arrogance: what they have learned from institutes, that is the law for them. Thinking outside the box of matrix is a ability of only few. This mentality although sad, has kept the history astrology in the dark.

Lets talk about what are the befits of Astrology? The main befits of astrology is, it will show you who you are, and what you are all about. This fact is far more important than even knowing the future, because once you know ‘Thy self’, you do not need to know the future, because you can mold, and create your own future. Astrology is not just the study of the sun sign, and your yearly horoscope, but true, accurate astrology is a tree of many braches like houses, the 9 planets, degrees, constellations aka Nakshatras, divisional charts, and time periods aka Dashas. All of these different blocks of astrology provide a true internal soul structure of a human being. The methods of Vedic Astrology not only open up your insights as a whole, but it surgically removes each aspect of your life and looks at it with microscopic eye. These are some of the facts given in the new astrology book Astrology @ the speed of light.

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Benefits of Astrology and how Astrology was discovered

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This article was published on 2011/04/09
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