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Indian Astrology is unique in the sense that it is thousands of years old art and science. It is not a strict science but proponents of the system swear by it. Hundreds of millions of Indian people spend millions of dollars every year to get advice and see their future written in the stars.

Indian Astrologers are called as "Pandits". Indian Civilization is many millennia old and just like the Chinese Civilization the art or science (depending on how you look at it) of Astrology has been there since the very beginning. Every person born in India has a "kundli" made according to the position of the stars during their time of birth. Many children in India are named starting with the alphabet that matches with the letter than the Astrologer says matches their astrological signs. The Indian zodiac system is named very differently to the western zodiac but the symbols are more or less same, suggesting a link between the two. Either of them could be the original version. Arranged marriage is the prominent form of nuptial agreements in India. Parents of both the bride and groom meet and they discuss the suitability of the marriage. Once the discussion goes a little ahead the Astrologer is called into the picture to give his blessing and okay the match depending upon the "kundlis" of the couple. If they match then it's a green light. If they do not match well then the parents are advised to keep looking. Sometime one of the two people might have a defect in their "kundli" and that is known as "manglik", meaning related to "mars" the planet referred to as the one related to destruction. There are various complicated calculations that help a "manglik" person navigate to their perfect match. Many a times it is the Astrologer who plays the matchmaker and brings suitable matches to people looking out for life partners.

Indian Astrology has a wide appeal and even westerners are looking to the "spiritual" land India to get their Astrology reading. Many online Indian Astrology services have westerners are their customers. People seek all sorts of answers regarding to marriage, business, money, family, career, love, health, partnerships, ailments, etc. Sometimes all people want is a sensible opinions and not really something astrological. Sometimes the advice works as placebo if they think that the stars predict that they will become happy. This leads to them taking a positive approach to life which is what really changes their life.

The Indian Astrology system is highly developed and the oldest divine books in the world are the Vedic books such as Rigveda. Thus the Indian Astrology System is also known as Vedic Astrology. Indian Astrology takes into account the Sun, the moon, the stars and various other things. Indian Astrology also takes into account the previous births' Karma or net balance of good vs. bad that a person might have done. The three branches of Indian Astrology are Hora, Siddhanta and Samhita along with Nadi astrology as an additional branch.

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Facts about Indian Astrology

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This article was published on 2011/01/04